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Stones and Jewels

As you know stones have always had a strong connection with human being, starting from the Stone Age in the Paleolithic when flint was used as tools, weapons and religious symbols.

Every stones have is own power and is common think connect them with Astrology, horoscope and zodiac signs: the stone matched to the zodiacal sign and the connected planet allows to emphasize strong points in one person or it can help to strengthen the weakest ones.

Stones also have a therapeutic value: they were applied to the various parts of the body as external treatment and could be taken with caution as a powdered internal treatment.

In the late Middle Ages stones were used in magical rituals to evoke spirits and to practice litomancy, a form of divination. During these practices the stones were used as amulets: they were worn with the purpose of protecting themselves from evil influences and bringing luck.

Human has always used the stones in his life, embroidered in the fabric of a dress, worn for protection and made as a gift to loved ones.

Stoned stones can be given on any occasion: to celebrate a new birth, engagement, social or work recognition, and even in mourning.

Today, gifting a jewel, continues to have a very strong meaning: it denotes a deep research and knowledge of the person to whom it will be donated and, at the same time, reveals a part of you.

Khaista strongly believe in the power of stones and we hope that in our collections you will find the perfect jewel, what you've been looking for long time and you can not wait to be able to donate.

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