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Staple Travel Pieces

Packing for summer travels can be challenging. You don’t want to overdo it, but you also want to ensure that you look fantastic on your adventures.

There are plenty of travel guru’s out there that will give you the first ESSENTIAL tip for traveling. Plan Ahead. Pick out your outfits carefully and choose a few jewelry items that will compliment multiple outfits.

1. Light Staple Earrings – these earrings can go with any outfit and are light enough to wear for an entire trip without realizing you even have them in. There is also no risk of them falling out on whatever adventures your decide to get up to in a given travel day.

2. Metal Wrap Around Brangle – this metal bangle is an easy light weight option. It is great for everyday sight-seeing but also works for a casual evening. What’s the best though is they are also edgy enough to glam up an outfit for a wild night out.

3. Subtle necklace – avoiding color when you want jewelry to travel with is probably key. Metal’s or lack of color items go well with most outfits and help pairing down what you travel with. This thin necklace ties into the light-weight every occasion theme. Again

Also travel wisely – don’t bring your most expensive piece of jewelry with you. There are plenty of options out there that can help you style your outfits with affordable unique jewelry.

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