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Brooch Style

The brooch is back and it is coming in fierce! This forgotten accessory can brighten any outfit and be that perfect cherry on top of the sundae. It’s all about the placement – get your fashion toes wet with some unique ways to wear a brooch.

Classic Brooch with Twist

We know the classic brooch placement to be on top of your left or right bust, but switching it up to the center of your collarbone give the appearance of a beautiful necklace.

Skirt "Faux Belt" Brooch

The brooch doesn’t have to always be on our blouse. Try placing your brooch on your skirt to give the appearance of a belt and avoiding the strap around your waste.

An accessory for your accessory

If you aren’t overly sold on wearing a brooch try it out on your purse. You can add even more personal touches to create a unique bag that you know no one else will have.


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