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August Birthstone

The hot summer month of August brings us what, fittingly, the ancient Egyptians called the “gem of the sun”. Peridot, with its signature lime green color, is believed to instill power and influence in the wearer.

Peridot comes from the French word peritot, meaning gold and when combined with gold, the talismanic effect strongly tinged with yellow is intensified. Due to its hue, peridots are thought to hae a detoxifying effect on the live, counter anger and envy and clear the heart chakra.

The stone celebrates the 16th year of marriage and also represents the national gem of Egypt. What’s more fascinating is the long history of the gem stemming back to 1500BC in ancient Egypt, making strides in biblical times, being very pronounced in ancient European treasures and even gracing us with its presence in during the Crusades. The precious gem has many folklore tied to it including being thought that Cleopatra was a huge fan.

Other than health benefits, Peridot is thought to help though with depression, anger issues and is said to sharpen the mind to open oneself to new levels of awareness. Sometimes confused with an Emerald, this gem actually only appears to have the same vibrant green color as an Emerald when it is over 10 carats which in these times is very rare to find. The color can actually be described as yellow-green, green with a golden ton, olive or bottle green, or simply a brilliant light green.

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